Carpeway Gathering 2, 15th July 2019

It was going to be hard to beat Carpeway 1; everyone left Roseberry Topping with huge smiles and feeling so inspired. I was a little worried that with the standard set so high, I would always compare to the first event.

Logistically, getting to this second meet up was a bit of a nightmare for me, but I was so determined to attend that I set all of my other plates spinning and hoped for the best! I have learnt that it is so important to make the time to reflect upon your business, your personal development and your own well-being. Having this precious time out allows so much head space and whilst my husband considers it a bit of a ‘jolly’, I gained so much value from the first event, I couldn’t miss out.

The second event was a ‘pier to pier’ walk from Seaburn to South Shields. As a North of the Tyne lass most of South Tyneside remains a mystery to me and nothing could compare to the coastline I know and love in North Tyneside and Northumberland.

We were blessed with an absolutely stunning day (again). Nine of us met; some of the group had completed the first walk and some hadn’t. I wasn’t sure how this would work; the first group had bonded so well over the day I really hoped it wouldn’t result in everyone ‘sticking together’. Nothing to worry about on that front! Everyone immediately began to chat to each other, and the atmosphere was, like the first event, totally relaxed. No egos, no business cards, no pretence. This is NOT a networking event (thank god!) this is an event to share experiences, support each other, learn about each other and ourselves in a safe, warm and open environment. I won’t lie, I absolutely missed the company of some of the members from the first meet up; I had so much to tell them and ask them about. However, it was lovely to meet new faces, from totally different business areas. I do sometimes tire of hearing about all things tech/IT (shouldn’t say that should i?), it’s refreshing to hear about completely different sectors and also just learn about people; their story, their challenges.

We headed to Seaburn from South Shields on a bus. I have to say using a bus without my 3 kids was a totally liberating experience! I actually got to take in the coastline and views without restraining/containing/distracting any of my offspring.

On reaching Seaburn we began our route back to South Shields. The weather remained glorious and that conversations were flowing. We stopped off at Souter Lighthouse for a break and refreshments. It was here that some of us reflected on things that had happened since the first meet up. Its fair to say that some life changing events had occurred (I’m not exaggerating!). On the arrival of a school trip we thought it best to crack on with our walk!


We made a further stop at Marsden Bay, a place I’d actually heard of in the past, possibly for the wrong reasons – ‘Ian wasn’t there a murder here once?!’. Another beauty spot on the South Tyneside Coastline.


I ensured I spoke with every member of the group; this didn’t take effort; its natural within such a relaxed environment. That’s the great thing about this group, everyone has the same mindset. Being open, honest, approachable and non-judgemental.

On reaching our destination well ahead of time I was forced to sample South Tyneside’s best fish and chip offerings! They were more than acceptable. I was astounded at our view of the beach in South Shields; in the sunshine it literally could have been mistaken for a beach abroad.

So, yet another fantastic event. I left feeling happy, content, inspired and sunburnt (despite the use of the kids factor 50). I can’t wait for the next event and would love to see some new faces too.


About Kate Anderson

I work in IT (ITC Service) but I'm not techy - what a relief! Ha. I'm hurtling towards 40 and have finally found my feet (size 8 for the record) and know what is and isn't important to me. I love meeting new people and supporting others when I can. I'm an absolute liability on a night out, but i never have a bad one! I love to have fun and i'll never grow up, in my head i'm still about 23. I have 2 kids and an additional feral child who is determined to tip me over the edge. As a result I drink Prosecco, frequently!


  1. Ian Farrar on August 16, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Thanks for documenting another fantastic event Kate!
    We soaked up the sun and shared our lives once again.
    Seize the Way!

  2. Kate Anderson on August 23, 2019 at 8:57 am

    It was an epic day! So sad I cant make the next one, don’t forget me! Haha

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